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Paul Lee-Chin is an Investment Advisor with Mandeville Private Client Inc. associate branch office located in downtown Hamilton. In 2007, Paul formed a team known as Mentorship Wealth Management, with the vision to mentor clients to achieve financial security and prosperity. Over the years Mentorship Wealth Management has developed a business that adheres to strong work principles and operates with the utmost integrity.


Paul works with his clients one-on-one to develop customized investment plans. Clients are served with focused advice that follows strict investment principles.


Paul is a graduate of McMaster University with a B.A. in Economics. He entered into the financial services industry early in his career by working in the mutual fund sector taking on various roles within Client Services, Marketing and Sales departments.


As part of his practice, Paul believes that it is important to give back to the community. He believes in sharing information with others and donating time and resources to community foundations such as the Dundas Arts Community and Step Up for Research. Paul was previously appointed to the Board of Directors for the Hamilton Community Foundation.


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